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Eduardo Milieris

"In 1996, while walking along the rails of the Long Island Railroad, I happened to glance up and catch the sun's reflection on two large pane windows in an old industrial building. Through the glare I noticed that the space was empty. Curious, I walked to the front of the building and noticed that the New York subway also ran in front of this building. Staring at the facade, and hearing the screeches of the N train passing by over my head, I caught my breath, and made my way to the superintendents office to inquire about the space. I was preparing myself for the sure let down when the superintendent opened the doors and I looked out of the large windows down at the tracks of the Long Island Railroad. My intrigue led me to discover that two floors in this old industrial building were vacant and remarkably available for rent. Instantly, I decided to make this my studio in New York City.

Today, at the foot of the Queensboro Bridge, overlooking the skyline of midtown Manhattan I design my limited edition wristwatches. Inspired by the treasures I still find walking along the railroad tracks of my backyard, my work includes large wall clocks and a series of "Pendulariums"- large oxidized boxes that hold as many as 20 pendulums and second hands-."

Limited Edition, hand crafted watches made with distressed and oxidized solid jewelers brass and embellished with solid brass, solid copper and sterling silver. Dials are individually hand painted by Eduardo Milieris.
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