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Bruce has been creating and exhibiting his unique art work for several years across the southeast.  As a 30+ year resident of South Florida, he recently moved to the Suwannee Valley.  His work consists of natural materials, findings, non-toxic stains and a durable epoxy finish.  Most of his work features Marine Life, The Flora & Fauna of North Florida, The Coastal “Low Country” of South Carolina and Georgia and Cultural Traditions of the areas.  His work is in the Permanent Collections of three Museums and has been accepted at The Princeton University Medical Center Exhibition {spring 2009}.  His work is also displayed in the State Capitol Collection and he has completed several public commissions.  

In 2006 Mr. Cook was nominated and adjudicated to the Southern Artists Federation by the State of Florida.  This group is comprised of 600 nominated artists in 9 southern states.  Additionally, he demonstrates and produces the “Hex Signs” of the rural “PA Dutch” country side.  These are an ancient, traditional and vanishing folk art form.  A self taught folk artist, his truly original work has been very well received and can be seen at shows, shops, exhibits, galleries and public buildings throughout the Southeast Coastal areas and the Florida Panhandle.

Bruce’s work is also at The NFL Players Association Headquarters in New York, private collection for Chubby Checker, Superbowl 43 & 44 and in a few European Countries.

Bruce is also in Who's Who in American Art 2010.

"My Architectural Assemblages are not a sculpture, diorama or collage, but contain elements of all these art forms.
Some pieces are mixed media, predominantly wood. They are created to reflect a beloved place in your life, either real or imagined.
The building styles and decorations are the main theme – hence, architectural assemblages.
While scale is not a primary goal, it is loosely followed throughout. The works possess a whimsical flavor presented with an aura of nostalgia". – Bruce Cook
UniquExpressions commissioned Bruce to make a "sidewalk sign".
And here she is...

"Pharoh's Finery"

Hand carved from a 500 year old log.  Details include, gold leaf, black diamonds {snakes eyes}, rubies, emeralds, topaz, lapis lazuli, carnelian, onyx, amethyst, garnets and mother of pearl.
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